• Wells next-the-Sea

    Among the most popular of the UK's coastal towns

  • Beautiful, but very expensive homes

    Priced well out of reach of local young working families

  • HfW trustees are all volunteers

  • The Old School is a fabulous project

    Now completed has provided 10 new homes

  • With help with Funding from North Norfolk District Council

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Housing Needs Survey 2017 Update April 2018

Homes for Wells has now completed the Survey of Housing Needs, to verify the level of demand for affordable housing, and the sizes of homes that are required.

The 2018 Housing Needs Survey can be found under the "What we do" section.  It confirms the data held by North Norfolk District Council and adds to the number of people already on Homes for Wells applicants list.House prices are up on average by over 50% in Wells but, in the past five years, for many, pay has barely increased. It is clear that hard-working local people need help to keep living and working in Wells.The survey tells us what that we need to know for our future building plans. For example, that more people need one or two bedroom homes.

We are very grateful to everyone who replied to our survey, and to our many generous donors.”

Building a sustainable community on the North Norfolk coast.

Wells is quite simply a beautiful place to live. With over 2500 residents there are many wonderful families whose forefathers are intrinsically linked with the town’s own maritime and farming history.

A small town with over 1,200 households, its unique character and complete range of services have given it a huge popularity. Now with an increasing proportion of the houses owned by newcomers, it has become a victim of its own success!  As its popularity has risen with second homeowners and retiring folk, house prices have been pushed up to beyond the reach of the average typical income for local families. Our community is now threatened as many are forced to leave.

Since its launch in 2006, Homes for Wells has worked hard to create enough affordable properties for the essential workers, volunteers and local people who have a proven connection to the town.  A growing number of local families have so far been housed but there is still further need. These people, or ‘key workers,’ are those whose lives here make a significant contribution to the local community and its economy.  All the HfW key workers and their families are people in occupations or working in a voluntary capacity to provide essential services to the community of Wells, Warham, Wighton, Holkham and Stiffkey.  Low wages result in these people being unable to afford local housing. Without our help, this will result in their leaving the area, the essential services they work with being understaffed and the school’s roster being diminished.

The Old School Housing Project

The purchase in 2013 of the Victorian building which was Wells’ first school and is previously known as The Field Study Centre is a fantastic achievement for Homes for Wells. Work to create 10 delightful units within this beautiful building was completed in January 2015


The Caretakers situated at the back at The Old School was renovated and completed in March 2015.

All the properties have been let to applicants from our list who had been banded A, B, C (See our allocations policy here...). Homes for Wells now owns 16 properties which have all been let to local people many of whom are also keyworkers. Read more ....

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