Our Aims

Homes for Wells aims to provide properties (subject to availability) to ‘Keyworkers’*  or people who live in Wells, Warham, Wighton, Holkham or Stiffkey.  Applications are prioritised according to suitability to the property on offer, connection and service to the community.

*A Homes for Wells Keyworker is a person in an occupation or working in a voluntary capacity who provides an essential service to the community of Wells, Warham, Wighton, Holkham and Stiffkey, who due to low wages needs help to find housing.  Key Workers are assisted in accessing housing because if they cannot afford housing locally they will move, leaving essential services understaffed. 

If you own a property in Wells or the immediate surrounding area and would be interested in finding out more about letting a property through Homes for Wells please click here

Homes for Wells will also raise funds to enable the society to buy and manage their own properties in and around Wells.   Any properties donated to, or purchased by HfW, will be held by the society in perpetuity and only people with a proven connection to the area will be able to live in them.

The society is an independent body and will look into all kinds of issues such as tax breaks, inheritance tax (how it affects second homes), wills, covenants, grants and fundraising to enable it to purchase and manage properties.