If you are thinking of making a Will, remember us by bequeathing a legacy to Homes for Wells.  This could be in the form of a donation and/or property.  All are very welcome to us.

Things to remember.

It is most important that everyone who makes a will ensures that their assets go where you want them to go. You cannot assume they will automatically pass to your spouse or partner. It is also important to take proper legal advice to ensure that the words used have the result that you intended and that all the proper formalities are observed to make the will valid.

HfW is a Registered Industrial & Provident Society No: 30389R and registered with HM Revenue & Customs as a charity which means there is no tax to pay on gifts or property bequeathed through a legacy. Therefore, a legacy to Homes for Wells may have benefits for your estate and beneficiaries by reducing the amount liable for Inheritance Tax.

We are extremely grateful to those who have left very generous legacies to HfW.


  • Frank Dye

    Wanderers (House) Sept 2011

    Valuation: £235,000

  • Mike Bushby

    (Cash) Dec 2013