Homes for Wells families

  • Julie and Kayleigh Phillips


    Julie and Kayleigh a mother and daughter who both work in Wells and Holkham have been housed after their previous landlord required his property back. They both support the many local activities held in the town

    Photography by Campbell MacCallum

  • Alan Frary. Town Clerk & Lifeboat Coxswain on HfW

    Alan wears two hats, as the Town's Clerk and as its Lifeboat Coxswain - and he says both organisations are fully supportive of HfW.


    "It is difficult finding crew members for the lifeboat: "You can join us from the age of 18 - we really need strong youngsters and we are constantly looking for young men aged between 18 and 35 for the inshore work, who are living and working in the town."

    Alan, who is also the coxswain mechanic , said they have been lucky with employers letting people come down to the lifeboat station through the daylight hours but that they do need to live in the town, which is where HfW has been a wonderful help. "We get about 35 call-outs a year to the Lifeboat and we really need the younger generation to work with us."

    Town Council

    "The Town Council places huge value on the work done by HfW," he said. "Two different economies exist here. As a result of high property costs, wages are just not sufficient to raise a mortgage. We run the risk of losing the young people in the town who can do the essential work of the lifeboat crew, retained firemen, the coastguards and care workers. "

    Alan is aware of the growing need for care workers in Wells, where the retired population exceeds that of the rest of the region and where elderly people increasingly need looking after.

    Wells has very high rate of pensioners - 40% of the population in the town fall into this category. And the highest rate of this age group who live alone are in Wells, according to a recent parish profile. With 285 pensioners by themselves there is a clear need for carers - who are generally young people living close by.

    Alan said: "HfW is doing a wonderful job in helping young families to live and work in a town where they belong. We desperately need these young families in order to keep the town flourishing and the schools well attended. "

    "We need a mixed group of young people to create a balanced community. Not just to work as care workers, but as lifeboat crews, retained firemen and to enrol their children in the local schools."

    Photography by Campbell MacCallum

Other Successes

Allocation No. 18 – 3 bedroom cottage.

Our first property left to us as a legacy was refurbished and a young working couple with a daughter and a baby on the way took over the tenancy. They are both local and have family working and living in Wells

Allocation No. 17 – 2 bedroom bungalow.

A mother and daughter who both work in Wells and Holkham have been housed after their previous landlord required his property back. They both support the many local activties held in the town

Allocation No. 16 – 2 bedroom bungalow.

This property purchased by Homes for Wells has made a lovely home to a local mill worker, his partner and three children, one of which attends the local school.

Allocation No. 15 – 2 bedroom bungalow.

Our 15th property - made available by generous 2nd home owners - gave a wonderful home to a local couple. This property has now returned to private rental.

Allocation No. 14 – 2 bedroom bungalow.

A young couple moved into this comfortable 2 bed bungalow in Sept 2011, working locally and with family living in the town. This has been made possible due to the generosity of a landlord who is willing to let their property at an affordable rent. The owner has since sold the property.

Allocation No. 13 – 3 bedroom flat.

A local fisherman has moved into a flat in the town ensuring he can continue working from Wells harbour. He has since moved on to a property within the town.

Allocation No. 12 – 2 bedroom bungalow.

A group of 3 friends moved into this property who all work locally. The group has now moved on and one is now living in a larger HfW property with her partner and family.

Allocation No. 11 – 3 bedroom cottage.

Our 11th success story was to find a couple a home for them to move into, at an affordable rent, this cottage offered them a perfect start.

Allocation No. 10 – 2 bedroom cottage.

Moving into their new home at the end of March 2010 this young couple now have an affordable property ensuring they are near to family and their place of work.

Allocation No. 9 – 2 bedroom first floor flat.

Our 9th success story was to assist in providing sisters with a 2 bedroom flat in the centre of town.  The sisters are both from Wells and work locally. This property was the second to be made available, at an affordable rate, by a local landlord for which we are extremely grateful. One of the sisters has now moved on to another property.

Allocation No. 8 – 2 bedroom ground floor apartment.

A young family who works, and has relations in the town moved into this property. They have now moved on to another property in the town.

Allocation No. 7 – 2 bedroom first floor apartment

Moving from an unsuitable property in the centre of town this young couple and their son moved into this 1st floor apartment during the early part of 2010. The family have now moved into the first property purchased by Homes for Wells.

Allocation No. 6 – 2 bedroom mid terraced cottage -

A self employed builder took over the tenancy of this property ensuring he was living and working near to his family. He has now moved on to a larger HfW property.

Allocation No. 5 - 2 Bedroom Cottage -

A local couple moved into this property in December 2009 with their young son. They have since gone on to have a 2nd child.

Allocation No. 4 - 1 Bedroom First Floor Flat -

A local Care Assistant was desperate to find affordable accommodation in the town to enable her to move out of home and become more independent.  HfW managed to find her suitable accommodation, close to where she works, and she moved in at the beginning of December 2008. Jemma has now moved on from this property.

Allocation No. 3 - 2 Bedroom Bungalow

This property was let in November 2008 to a local lady and her daughter. With family in the town and running a business locally this was an ideal opportunity for her. She has since moved on to another affordable property in the town.

Allocation No. 2 - 2 Bedroom Ground Floor Flat -

Originally let in August 2008 this property housed a couple with 2 children. Both have family connections in the town and plan for the children to attend the local schools. The couple have since moved on to a larger property owned by HfW.

Allocation No. 1 - 1 Bedroom First Floor Flat -

Our first property was let to a local fisherman who is also a member of the Wells Lifeboat crew.

It was because of discussions he had with members of the Wells Area Partnership Team that the problem of finding affordable accommodation in the town was hi-lighted. Mark has since moved on from this property.